About Us

We give customers leverage and protection by holding and distributing their funds.
We improve customer service by feeding performance analytics back to businesses.
Quality Control Escrow aims to bring back customer service like it was in the good old days. Before most customer service was outsourced in a foreign call center. Before phone operators turned into robots and recordings, before lengthy chains of command where people became nothing more than order takers and button clickers, with little power to respond to the customers actual needs. We help consumers by letting a businesses automated order process know that getting a customers hard earned money is not that easy. On the flip side, we help small business owners leverage the trust of the QCE to earn more business and gather the data to refine and optimize their customer service processes
We strive to continuously improve and protect high-risk transactions by implementing cutting-edge technologies and set the standard for excellence in the transportation, real estate, and online based service industries.
Our Values

It’s more than a name. It’s a promise.

At Quality Control Escrow (QCscrow), we’re dedicated to bringing back the human touch to customer service and helping businesses build trust with their customers.

Our Mission

MISSION is to maximize leverage and minimize risk for customers transacting with service providers in high risk industries. By providing secure, client contingent payment distribution, through cutting-edge technologies, we are dedicated to maximizing leverage and minimizing risk in the online marketplace.

Our Vision

Empowering the customers voice and optimizing a businesses service, as consumerism becomes increasingly artificial.

Our Story

Quality Control Escrow was created when we noticed that transportation companies, particularly long distance movers, were promising one thing and delivering another. This occurred partly because customers were left vulnerable, with no other options, but to be at the mercy of their mover, after giving up the key to their home, with no place to go, having paid the mover upfront, with the truck already locked&loaded. Customers had zero leverage, and the mover operated on their own terms and schedule.
We ran into similar problems with web developers, even the ones used to create this website… where deadlines are not met, agreements are broken, and service is not what was initially agreed upon… but you’ve already given half of the payment upfront…wasted so much time, and given so much access… that you are left with no leverage, and forced to continue.
Let’s not get started on the time we paid a contractor to renovate our kitchen, who promised it would be done in a week.
Nevertheless, we found that it was too easy to be mislead, or get taken advantage of when having already paid for services upfront. People’s word, even contracts, were never enough. There was a huge need to regulate contractors and service providers where the agreed service was not being carried out as planned. We figured that by ensuring both parties having a trusted intermediary managing the transaction, and seeing that the service is completed to the client’s satisfaction, we could hold and distribute payment based on performance benchmarks and milestones. Thus we created an escrow to control quality, the quality control escrow.

The most trusted, licensed online escrow service in the world

Headquartered in California, QCEscrow.com is licensed, bonded and regularly audited.

Government agencies perform regular audits of independently licensed QCEscrowcompanies. The audit examinations serve to protect public funds, determine safety and soundness of operations and determine compliance with QCEscrow statutes and regulations.