The QCEscrow allows customers to stay in control by incrementally distributing funds to contractors based on performance & quality of service.



3rd Party Mitigation


Before Paying Directly


Without Losing Control


USMPO announces partnership with the QCEscrow to revolutionize the moving industry

The USMPO has partnered with QCEscrow.com to give consumers an added layer of protection. Traditionally, moving companies operate with large upfront deposits and cash payments, putting customers at high risk and no leverage. Without posession of their household goods, and having already paid, customers have no other option than to patiently wait on delayed deliveries and damage claims. The USMPO has taken the initiative to make the difference by requiring all legitimate movers to use an escrow service to distribute payments based on service quality.

How it Works

QCEscrow.com is the first secure payment method specializing in the transportation industry, safeguarding both shipper and carrier, all funds transacted using QCEscrow are kept in trust until agreements are satisfied.

Buyer and Seller agree to terms

Buyer submits payment to QCEscrow

Seller delivers goods or service to buyer

Buyer approves goods or services

QCEscrow.com releases payment to seller


Safely buy and sell products and services from $100 to $10 million or more

Domain Names

QCEscrow.com is the dominant payment method for the buying & selling of domain names, with transactions including uber.com, snapchat.com, spacex.com, twitter.com, instagram.com, freelancer.com, gmail.com, slack.com, wechat.com, chrome.com and wordpress.com.

Motor Vehicles

When buying classic cars, a used sailboat or even an aircraft engine QCEscrow.com ensures money transfer and vehicle delivery with every sale. Our experienced personnel can even help you with shipping documentation, titles, liens and more.


QCEscrow.com handles the buying and selling large scale computer setups, professional sound systems and all manner of electronic equipment both big and small.

General Merchandise

From computer hardware to luxury goods, you can safely and easily buy and sell merchandise all over the world with the protection of QCEscrow.com.

Milestone Transactions

Paying for a good or service and want money released only at certain stages? Use QCEscrow to assure that money is released only when you're happy with each step.

Jewelry, Watches, and Fashion

Buying and selling expensive jewelry online can be difficult, as it is extremely difficult to spot a scam. QCEscrow's simple 5-step process ensures money transfer and jewelry delivery with every sale.

Contact our friendly support team on +1-786-224-6606 to find out if your transaction can be covered.

We love helping small business

Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. businesses fail within the first year, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Quality Control Escrow works with small and starting businesses to give them the trust and credibility that would otherwise take years to earn. Earning business, when competing with established brands can be very challenging and discouraging to small business owners. The QCE gives businesses with newer brands the competitive advantage of trust, credibility, customer service data, and most importantly customer protection to help them win business.

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The recommended payment system by top eCommerce companies

Escrow.com is the recommended payment system of top eCommerce companies including Uniregistry, GoDaddy, ClassicCars.com and Shopify Exchange. Talk to us about signing up today.

QCEscrow Pay: Secure payments in one line of code.

QCEscrow Pay is the simplest way to add QCEscrow payments to your website, mobile app, online store, classified site or marketplace.

Introducing QCEscrow Offer

QCEscrow Offer allows buyers and sellers to negotiate a price for domain names, cars, boats, aircraft, fine art or any high-value item on any website or mobile app through a Make Offer button or API call - protected by the security of escrow payments by QCEscrow.com.

QCEscrow API

Payments for your website, marketplace, classified site, shopping cart or mobile app with no chargebacks, ever.

Built for developers, by developers

Any business can integrate the safety and security of QCEscrow payments to their platform as simply as common payment methods such as Stripe.

Protecting both buyers and sellers

Using QCEscrow, buyers get to inspect the goods or services before accepting them, protecting the buyer. Likewise, sellers are protected from counterparty risk by no chargeback, ever.

The most trusted, licensed online escrow service in the world

Headquartered in California, QCEscrow.com is licensed, bonded and regularly audited.

Government agencies perform regular audits of independently licensed QCEscrowcompanies. The audit examinations serve to protect public funds, determine safety and soundness of operations and determine compliance with QCEscrow statutes and regulations.

Whats Our Clients Say about us

John Smith
John Smith
Entrepreneur, NY
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I couldn't be happier with the services provided by QCEscrow. From start to finish, the process was seamless and efficient. I felt confident in their ability to handle my transaction and they exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!
Savannah Johnson
Savannah Johnson
Service Holder, MA
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I have used QCEscrow company several times and have been consistently impressed with their level of service. They are reliable, trustworthy and always go above and beyond to ensure a successful transaction. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable scrow company.
Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia
Businessman, AL
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Working with this scrow company was a great experience. They were professional, responsive and took the time to explain the process to me in detail. I appreciated their attention to detail and the peace of mind they provided throughout the transaction. Would definitely use again.
Mia Thompson
Mia Thompson
Freelancer, WA
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I was hesitant to use a scrow company at first, but QCEscrow put my mind at ease. They were thorough, efficient and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I was impressed with their attention to detail and the level of professionalism they exhibited. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable scrow company.
Ethan Martinez
Ethan Martinez
Business Owner, FL
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I cannot say enough good things about this scrow company. They made the entire process easy and stress-free. Their customer service is top-notch and they truly care about their clients. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable scrow company.

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